Living Word Family Church Podcast

Living Word Family Church Podcast

A fun, random, conversation with some guys from church.

Missions and Visions

The podcast returns! Coming off of an “extended Easter break,” the guys review past events like the Walk for Life and Tony Cooke and discuss upcoming events like Neal and Danette Childs coming in and the Gathering. They also discuss the different aspects of vision and how it affects the Church and our individual lives.
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The Millennial Question

In this episode, the guys talk about some points made in a video by Simon Sinek about millennials and the idea of “you can have something simply because you want it.” They discuss topics such as parenting, natural versus earned talent, and how these points can or can’t work in relation to our faith as Christians.
Simon Sinek’s full video, the Millienial Question, can be found here


Hope For A Future

In this episode the guys are joined by Greta Henry, Director of Adoptions and Champaign Ministries at Living Alternatives. Greta talks about her experiences and stories working at the Pregnancy Resource Center, the various ministries Living Alternatives has, and the upcoming fundraiser for Living Alternatives, the Walk for Life.
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Speaking in Faith and German

In this episode, the guys talk about the importance of healing and speaking in faith. Also in this podcast Zach shares with the group how he’s learning German and they discuss the different aspects of learning new languages.
Also in this episode, Zach declares he’s a man, Matt talks about his extrovertness, and Scott wants to be able to learn and master languages.


Building the Church

In this episode, the crew talk about the prayer-mails and the year of prayer and how it is helping LWFC to grow. They also discuss opportunities with expanding small groups and other areas of discipleship in the church.
Also in this episode, Roger and Matt share their testimonies of how they started coming to church and Scott expresses his interest in being a Summer Scream speaker.


Summer Jobs and Summer Camps

Roger Bensyl joins the podcast as the guys talks about the ins and outs of job interviews and the upcoming youth camp, Summer Scream!
Also in this episode, Scott shares why he failed his first driving test, Zach talks about an interesting interview outfit he saw, and the crew looks forward to Neal and Danette Childs coming to LWFC.


Cheat Days and Snow Days

Matt and Zach pull the podcast equivalent of a buddy-cop movie and talk about life after the fast, the recent snow day the church had, and tiny homes.
Also in this episode, Zach tells a story that could or could not be funny, Scott skips out to play in the snow, and Matt can’t find the Roku remote.


PDA and Pizza

In the second part to last week’s episode, the guys discuss the appropriate amount of affection to be displayed in public, the continuing church-wide fast, and their favorite types of pizza.
Also in this episode, Zach hangs up on his grandma without saying “I love you,” Riley and Zach hug on the podcast, and the guys discuss whether eggs are meat or dairy.


Missions Trips and Men’s Groups

Riley fills Scott’s shoes on the podcast as the guys discuss the upcoming youth group missions trip to Mexico, experiences on past missions trips, and the men’s 33 series Bible study starting in February.
Also in this episode, Riley chomps gum in the microphone, Matt shares his children’s sleeping schedules, Riley celebrates 3:45, and Zach’s grandma calls him on the podcast.


Episode 2 - More Fasting

In this episode, the guys talk about the continuing fast along with the benefits of praying without ceasing. Also, Matt geeks out over Pixar movies, Zach eats trail mix, and Scott uses a reverse-segway.


Episode 1 - Two More at Parbar, The Fast and It's a Wonderful Life

Description: In this episode, the guys discuss the origin of the podcast's name, the ongoing church-wide fast, and the Christmas classic, It's A Wonderful Life.
Also in this episode, Christopher Walken enjoys Columbia Street Roastery coffee, Scott throws a trash can, Matt geeks out over flash drives, and Zach admits he didn't wash his gym clothes senior year