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Asia Center for Biblical Studies

Asia Center For Biblical StudiesThe Asia Center for Biblical Studies, Philippines, opened in June, 1995, as the fulfillment of a promise given by God in 1989 to Pastor Ver Jacinto that he would have a Bible school within 5 years. As Pastor Ver and Linda (Blackford) Jacinto began seeking the Lord and a place for the school, a Christian foundation which owned the land where the ACBS is now located approached Pastor Ver. At that time, he was pastoring a church on the same site. The foundation shared with Pastor Ver that they had been praying for 20 years for a Bible school to be on their land and if Pastor Ver would build it, they would donate the land. God had fulfilled His promise.

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Tony Cooke Ministries

Gifted as a teacher, Tony Cooke has been serving the Body of Christ in various capacities since 1980. For more than eighteen years, Tony was on staff at Kenneth Hagin Ministries, where he served as dean and instructor at RHEMA Bible Training Center, Senior Associate Pastor at RHEMA Bible Church, Director of RHEMA Ministerial Association International, and Director of RHEMA Alumni Association.

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Grunewald Ministries

 are both 1980 graduates of RHEMA Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. John’s background consists of Business and Helps Ministry as well as Ministry Administration while Michelle has worked for Kenneth Hagin Ministries (2 years) and for Cameneti Ministries (3 years). Together, John & Michelle pastored Faith Outreach Fellowship in Terre Haute, Indiana, for 3 years before leaving for the mission fields of Germany.

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Summer Scream Youth Camp

Located in the wooded wilderness of Rushville, Illinois, and hosted by Faith Christian Family Church, the Summer Scream Youth Camp offers a great atmosphere in which to reach today’s youth for Jesus Christ. Since its inception, youth from all over the midwest have been ministered to at their summer youth camps.

The goodness of God has been demonstrated in a miraculous way over the nearly 14 years of Summer Scream. From humble beginnings in 1994 with 50 campers and a somewhat primitive and outdated facility, to 1999 when the current 6000 square foot youth facility was completed. The campgrounds cover over 27 acres of land and include Lake Miracle which adds a great deal to the campers’ experience.

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Restoration Urban Ministries

Created and developed within the corporate limits of the Champaign-Urbana community, Restoration Urban Ministries has answered God’s call to raise up a local ministry meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the homeless, near homeless, hungry, poor, naked, those that are bound up by drugs, sickness, depression, oppression or hopelessness as well as the hurting and even the financially secure. Their mission is to help those in the midst of problems to maintain love, respect and dignity in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to provide temporary and permanent solutions for young and old alike, and to teach Godly principles, helping each individual gain a vision and learn how to reach his/her potential for God.

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Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Since 1967, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland have preached the good news of Jesus Christ around the world using every means possible. When their ministry began, it was revival meetings, teaching seminars and conventions. In 1975, they added the Believer’s Voice of Victory magazine, a monthly publication loaded with uplifting, real-life testimonies from KCM supporters, opportunities to purchase both KCM ministry tapes and those of other full gospel ministers, and inspiring articles from both Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. And since 1989, their teaching has been available on The Believer’s Voice of Victory television broadcast, which is now seen in all 50 United States and many foreign countries, not to mention Cable TV stations in the U.S. and South Africa.

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Rev. Kelly E. & Connie McClelland began serving in the missions fields of Indonesia in 1988 when they founded Sowers International, Inc., focusing on reaching Indonesia for Jesus. Indonesia is not only the largest Moslem nation in the world, but also contains the world’s fourth largest population and ranks second in having the most unreached people groups (those sharing the same language and culture).

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James Rackley Missions

James Rackley Missions is committed to caring for and the development of the world’s greatest natural resource, CHILDREN. Their foundation is established on the Bible which is the written Word of the Living God. Everything they do is dedicated to sharing that Word and reaching children. They teach the Bible as the absolute truth and the infallible Word of God. It is the foundation of their life.

James Rackley Missions’ purpose is to bring the redemptive power of Jesus Christ to the precious children in the regions of northern Canada, southern Mexico and the mountains of Nicaragua.

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Mutual Faith Ministries

Upon completing University and Bible School training, Keith and Heidi Hershey began work internationally with a group of African evangelists. In 1984, after one year of overseas ministry as itinerant evangelists, Keith and Heidi returned to America to officially launch Mutual Faith Ministries International.

Since its inception, Mutual Faith Ministries has thrived. Many nations experienced revival through the evangelistic crusades and leadership conferences hosted by MFMI. Thousands of lives have been changed by the power of the Gospel; as everyone from heads of state to local village chiefs have had dramatic encounters with Jesus Christ!

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Cameneti Ministries

Both graduates of RHEMA Bible Training Center, Patsy was also an instructor at RHEMA for 16 years and co-ordinated the Prayer and Healing School while Tony traveled with the well-known RHEMA Singers and Band, serving as their manager for several years. After ministering in churches, campmeetings, retreats, etc., and on occasional short-term overseas trips for a few years, Tony & Patsy were called to Palermo, Sicily in 1993 to oversee a Domato Bible School. Their responsibilities not only included instructing the students but taking care of the administrative aspects of the school as well. During the time they were with the Damato School, they traveled throughout the world ministering in churches and seminars to help both ministers and lay people be more effective for the Kingdom of God.

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Living Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center

LIVING ALTERNATIVES Pregnancy Resource Center of Champaign, IL, was established in March of 1988, and is one of fourteen connected Centers located throughout Illinois and Indiana. The staff at Living Alternatives shares the Gospel with young ladies and women who find themselves in a state of crisis due to an unplanned pregnancy. They attempt to educate them on pregnancy, abortion and the alternatives to abortion, so they can make informed decisions concerning the outcome of their pregnancy. The workers also seek to restore the woman to a normal level of coping as they provide counsel to all parties involved.

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Jesus is the Way

Founded by Jesse Mathes in 1977, JESUS IS THE WAY PRISON MINISTRY has ministered all over the United States and in 15 countries of the world sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the incarcerated. When Jesse Mathes went home to be with the Lord in June of 2008, Peter Schneider became the executive director of Jesus Is The Way and continues on the work that Jesse began. Their teams minister Jesus’ love, forgiveness, restoration and salvation using music, prayer,

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International FOCUS Ministries

Harley and Donna Fiddler are the founders and directors of INTERNATIONAL FOCUS MINISTRIES, INC. During the past 51 years of their pastoral, evangelistic and teaching ministry, Harley and Donna have been extensively involved in missionary endeavors. International Focus Ministries was founded in 1984 as a a non-profit missionary organization, designed to serve as a facilitating ministry ‘net-working’ local churches, missionaries, and national ministers abroad.

As a facilitating ministry, part of their work is raising, receipting, and channeling funds to the missionaries and national ministers on various fronts of the world. Support aid is raised for orphanages, Bible schools, Bibles, medical aid, national pastors homes, vehicles, vans, buses, video equipment, computers, student tuition, etc.

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Vida Ministries

In 1977 the Lord instructed Dennis & Jeanne Cook to attend Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, to receive training for the mission field. After completing the two year course, they were ordained as ministers and returned to Kokomo in 1980 to prepare for life on the mission field. Dennis served as an associate pastor for a short time and in November of 1981, he & Jeanne boarded a plane in Indianapolis with their four kids (and a niece) taking little more than summer clothing and a vision. They were headed for the Republic of Panama.

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Kenneth Hagin Ministries (RHEMA Bible Training Center)

Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin began his ministry in Texas in 1934. For twelve years he pastored, then traveled extensively in the evangelistic field. In 1963, the Kenneth E. Hagin Evangelistic Association was incorporated.

In 1966, the offices of the ministry were moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the ministry began a new era of growth. Rev. Hagin became increasingly in demand for public meetings and seminars, and ministered to people of all faiths across the United States. That same year, the radio outreach ministry was established and in 1976, the first television program was produced.

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