Welcome to Living Word Family Church

It’s true; we’ve got a seat saved for you! But we have more than that. We have a place for you in our church family. A place to heal, a place to grow, a place to serve, and a place to minister to others. Our vision at LWFC is to “Live the Gospel; Preach the Gospel.” That means our desire is to see you enjoying all the benefits of salvation, walking in the path of good works God has planned (Ephesians 2:10), and sharing that joy and message with a world that needs to hear it. Beth and I, and all our church family, would love to meet you, so join us on a Sunday morning or a Wednesday night. We are already praying for you!

Scott Millis
Senior Pastor

Our Vision
Learn how you can continue to grow in your walk with Christ at Living Word Family Church


As believers, we’re called to Live in the Light of God’s Word. As we meditate on His Word, it changes us and changes how we see the world around us.
As God’s Word changes us, we find that the desire to share it grows. We’re called to know Him and make Him known, to make disciples. We start by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others.
The church is a local community of born-again believers unified through faith in Christ. Together we work in love and unity toward the ultimate purpose of bringing glory to Christ.

The Cross of Christ

What is the difference between true Christianity and a powerless "admiration" of Jesus as a teacher?